State-of-the-art teaching equipment for Natural Science and Engineering

Feedback Instruments Limited, as a subsidiary of LD Didactic GmbH, is exclusively marketing, selling and supporting
the science & engineering products in the UK and Ireland.
This includes the best of all three brands of the LD Group: FEEDBACK, LEYBOLD & ELWE.

What we offer:

► equipment for teaching physics, chemistry and biology in a laboratory environment
► for student experiments and demonstration
► within schools, colleges and universities

    For more details, product information and experiments on our UK website: CLICK HERE

► teaching and training systems for engineering education
► solutions cover electrical engineering, automotive technology and renewable energies
► for student trainings and class teaching
► at vocational and technical colleges as well as universities

    For more details, product information and equipment set-ups on our UK website: CLICK HERE

What you get:

► high quality products
► experiments and equipment set-ups well matched to theory
► adjusted to different levels of scientific and technical education
► products and services in line with curricula and new technologies
► single source for educational systems, literature and documentation, Services